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Tema en 'Mostranos Tus chiches nuevos para la PC' iniciado por faqi wutp, el 12 Sep 2018.

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    12 Sep 2018
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    however, torment not only PaltroxT with vaginal dryness, but also with many other symptoms. Here, then, in any case, to think of an estrogen dominance. This means that while estrogen levels may be low, they are still too high relative to progesterone levels. Therefore, estrogen supplements that are so commonly prescribed for menopausal symptoms are not always useful and can - if there is actually an estrogen dominance - even aggravate many a problem. So here it would be much more helpful to raise the low progesterone levels with natural progesterone or progesterone similar effective herbal remedies. These include z. As wild yam and the chaste tree . Dry vagina due to medication and anti-baby pill The vaginal dryness can also be the result of chemotherapy, as these can lead to atrophy (shrinkage) of the


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